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Standard Drain Couplings

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Standard Drain Couplings

Flexseal drain couplings are designed to help with the connection of two pipes that have the same or similar outside diameter. They are also known as couplers and are extremely simple to use, enabling you to connect two pipes with ease. 

The Benefits:

●    Simple fitting
●    Durable and versatile
●    Creates a connection that is airtight and watertight
●    Suitable for use with plain ended pipes
●    Replace short sections of existing pipes with ease
●    A cheap solution for privately-owned drainage pipes
●    Complies with WIS 4-41-01

Flexseal Drain Couplings - What You Need to Know

These are easy-to-install and can be used to connect two pipes that have a similar or the same diameter. They are made using three components and these are the two stainless steel clamp bands and a moulded EPDM rubber body. These work together to help deliver a secure connection that is both airtight and watertight. Using a nut driver, it’s possible to fit Flexseal drain couplings to existing pipes in a few seconds, providing a simple way to either repair small sections of pipework or connect two pipes.

They can be utilised as a join for plain ended pipes and used in the repair and maintenance of existing pipelines while they are also useful for use in post-construction pipework.

Use in Unadopted Drainage

Flexseal drain couplings can be used to connect unadopted or private drainage systems. They provide a highly effective solution that can be used on agricultural land, industrial sites, housing sites and private roads. They can be used to carry out small repair jobs where required or they can be used to connect new pipes to the drainage network.

Use in Adopted Drainage

Commonly, the likes of water companies, local authorities and highway agencies will adopt drainage systems. As part of their responsibility, they are required to carry out maintenance of these drainage systems and they are expected to adhere to all specific regulations which include the likes of WIS 4-41-01, which stipulates that any adopted drainage sewers should be connected by using Shear Banded Couplings. This provides the required protection for the connection from the weight of the earth above. As a result, drain couplings are not suitable for use on adopted drainage systems which means that Flexseals Shear Banded Couplings are recommended for use.