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EPDM Adaptor Couplings

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EPDM Adaptor Couplings

Flexseal Adaptor Couplings are also known as reducer couplings and they provide a solution that can be used to connect unadopted drainage pipes that have different exterior diameters such as connecting large to small pipes and small to large pipes

The benefits are:

●    A simple solution for connecting pipes that are made of different materials and diameters while enhancing efficiency
●    Products are reliable and tested to ensure they are fit for purpose
●    Range of sizes that are designed to fit a plethora of pipe configurations

Adaptor Couplings - An Introduction

Primarily, these are used to connect unadopted drainage pipes that have varying diameters which means it’s possible to connect a range of sizes. They are also made from three different components whereby there is a stepped moulded EPDM rubber body that has two different diameters on each side while they also have two stainless steel clamp bands, that ensure  a secure connection is maintained once tightened. 

This type of connector is effective and simple, providing an airtight and watertight seal using a nut driver and torque wrench.

Use in Unadopted Drainage Applications

Adaptor couples provide an effective solution that is tried and tested, making them suitable for connecting unadopted or private drainage systems. Another positive feature is that there is an adaptor coupling that is suitable for almost every potential pipe configuration.

Use in Adopted Drainage Applications

Highway agencies, water companies and local authorities will control and manage adopted drainage systems. The maintenance work carried out on pipework is regulated which means that it has to meet specifications including the WIS 4-41-01, which stipulates that any adopted drainage sewers must be connected using Shear Banded Couplings. This ensures that the connections are able to withstand earth loads. As a result, adaptor couplings cannot be used on adopted drainage systems and so, different sized pipes should be connected using Shear Banded Couplings with bushes.

UltraRib Pipe - Adaptor Solutions

It can prove challenging to connect onto a ribbed pipe and where clamp bands are used, they will only fit on one rib of the pipe which means that any movement could cause them to reposition themselves between ribs. 

Therefore, Flexseal provides couplings that are made for UltraRib pipe. The Flexseas AR Adaptor Couplings boast an extra wide clamp band on the side that connects the UltraRib pipe. This has enough width to cover two ribs and that delivers a secure fit with enhanced sealing protection.