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300mm Extra Wide Large Diameter Drain Couplings

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300mm Extra Wide Large Diameter Couplings

The Extra Wide Flexseal Shear Banded couplings are an ideal solution for dealing with the connection and repairing of pipes located in adopted sewer and drainage applications. Mainly water companies will use them and the stainless steel central band ensures that the joint is protected from shear loads, which means that they remain connected and aligned, preventing further problems.

The Benefits are:

●    Can handle an internal pressure of a maximum of 2.5 bar
●    The stainless steel shear band reduce the problem of pipe displacement
●    No need for major excavation work to be carried out
●    Approved to WIS 4-41-01
●    Approved to BS EN 681-1:1996, BS EN 295-4:2013 & BS EN 10088-2:1995

All About Shear Banded Couplings

The 300mm Large Diameter shear band coupling makes pipe repair more efficient and easier. Where sewer and drainage applications have been adopted, they make the repair and connection of pipes a seamless task. 

It is a requirement for water companies to use shear banded couplings when carrying out repair or connection work as governed by the Water Industry Specification (WIS) 4.41.01

Adaptor Connections and Straight Connections

In instances where pipes consist of the same diameter, the shear banded coupling can be used to aid connections. However, they are also suitable for instances where pipes have different diameters as it is possible to use bushes to join the two pipes.

300mm Extra Wide Large Diameter Coupling Applications

This can be used to provide a connection between two pipes where a cut section has resulted in the pipe end being uneven or not square. Therefore, this coupling can be used to bridge the gap.

Therefore, they can be used to:

●    Join plain ended pipes
●    Join uneven ended pipes
●    Carry out repairs and maintenance on existing pipelines
●    Join short and cut lengths of pipe
●    Undertake post-construction connections to existing pipelines
●    Install a rocker pipe externally to manholes or outside structures
●    Use bushes to join different pipe diameters
Suitable for a range of applications, Flexseal Large Couplings come with high torque bolts that maintain the correct amount of pressure. The seal is reliable and strong while they come with a 13mm socket with a ⅜” drive, giving installers the opportunity to carry out installations efficiently.